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Ambitious About Inclusion

Funded by the Department for Education, these online modules address some of the most common SEND training needs across the education sector. They aim to develop a whole school approach to inclusion and include differentiated learning for all workforce roles.

There are four online modules and within each module, six role-specific ‘routes’ have been developed to ensure content is both relevant and useful to everyone; from those providing direct support to individual children to those providing executive and system leadership across groups of schools.


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The online learning includes four interactive modules, each covering a different aspect of the inclusion agenda:

  • Inclusive Ethos and Environments - explores the culture, communications and learning environments in schools that promote an inclusive and welcoming ethos.
  • Identifying Learners’ Strengths and Needs - explores good practice for all learners, to know and understand their strengths and needs and how to respond inclusively. 
  • Inclusive Curriculum - explores the features, characteristics and approaches of an inclusive curriculum (intent).
  • Preparing for the Next Phase - explores inclusive practices that promote positive transitions and preparation for adulthood from the earliest years.



Training features

Personalised user dashboard

The training is designed for you to learn at your own pace, at a time when is most convenient for you. Your progress will be auto-saved as you work through the module, allowing you to pick up where you left off at a later time.

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Six workforce routes through each module

Each module is split into two parts: the ‘runway’, which will cover content that is relevant to everybody, and the ‘workforce route’, which will cover content more specific to your role.


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Learning embedded through reflection

At one or more points during the module, you will be asked to reflect on the learning you have gained, think about how it might influence your practice moving forward and consider what actions you need to take.


PDF ‘take-away’ from each module

Once you have completed a module it will auto-generate a PDF summary of your reflections for you to download and use at a later date.


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Certificate awarded on completion of modules

A useful record of your commitment to CPD.

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Start your learning journey today