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WSS - Regional SEND Teams

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Our Impact

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Whole School SEND, Fox Court, 14 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8HN

How we respond to feedback

We are committed to representing as many voices from the SEND community as possible. We value and respect each and every one of our members, and their lived experiences. We readily invite feedback with the aim of strengthening our products and services so we can improve outcomes for the children and young people we serve, and all of our resources are continuously reviewed. As standard, we consult extensively with our steering groups, which are made up of professionals from the sector, as well as children, young people, parents and carers with lived experience of SEND and learning differences.

We also welcome feedback from the wider membership. It is important that we acknowledge that, since every person’s experience is the different from the next, opinions on the best approach can differ across the membership. Sometimes, these differences can be significant. When concerns are raised, we always take time to listen, and where necessary, detailed discussions take place, and the reasons for our decisions can be presented in context.

What We Do

As a Department for Education funded contract, all of our work and resources are free to access. Below is a selection of the work we do and the support we can offer.

Online SEND CPD Units

This series of online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units is designed to support those who work with children and young people in schools and further education settings to deliver an inclusive experience for every learner. Developed in partnership with Real Group, the units build on the learning from our Ambitious About Inclusion modules.

In all, 20 units will be released over the next two years, each taking 20 minutes to complete.

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Consortium expertise

Whole School SEND runs as a consortium with a variety of different organisations, in order to bring you the most relevant and trusted expertise. Our Consortium Partners feed into the work we do, including developing resources and delivering events, and can be the best port of call for specialised information relating to specific conditions, setting types or areas of focus.



Confidence through competence

SEND Reviewer Training

SEND Reviewer Training builds on the concepts explored in our SEND Review Guides, giving you the skills to carry out reviews of SEND provision both in your own setting and on a peer-to-peer basis. The process is designed to be supportive, non-judgemental and accessible, to allow every setting to confidently and accurately evaluate their current provision.

A free, online SEND Reviewer Training course is currently available, provided by our Consortium Partners Real Group.

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