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SEND Development Pathways interactive PowerPoint

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  • 31 Mar 2022
Pathways interactive Powerpoint

It is strongly advised that you engage with the Guidance Document before accessing the PowerPoint.

The SEND Development Pathway is characterised as a train map. Participants can use the interactive map to plan their career ‘journey’ by selecting the line between their current role (‘current station’) and their intended role (‘destination station’).

This will generate a ‘ticket’ (see ‘How to Use the Ticket’ in this guidance), detailing the CPD resources which are available to support them on their journey. In many cases, career development will involve a number of short journeys, resulting in multiple ‘tickets’.

Participants wishing to develop their skills and expertise in their current role can click on the station itself. Their ticket will then detail the resources that they can access to deepen knowledge, improve skills and increase confidence in their current role.

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  • 31 Mar 2022
Pathways Guidance Document

This is a ‘How to Guide’ to support both Pathway participants (school workforce), and their line managers, in using the SEND Development Pathways resources to support ongoing continuing professional development.