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Webinar: Leading Governance for SEND: Using the Whole School SEND Governance Review Guide

  • Webcasts
  • 30 Jun 2021
WSS past event

This session will give a comprehensive overview of the WSS SEND Governance Review Guide to support governors with evaluating and improving SEND provision in their settings.

Presented by WSS National SEND Lead, Malcolm Reeve, this session aims to help Governors and Trustees develop their confidence in supporting and challenging schools in order to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND. Following the session, governors will be able to use the governance review guide to audit provision in their schools.

This event is suitable for governors of all school types and phases.

You can download the SEND Governance Review Guide here.

Suitable for: Governor, Head Teacher

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Malcolm Reeve

Malcolm has worked in the field of SEND for 30 years and in that time has worked in adult provision, mainstream schools, and special schools. He has worked in with children throughout the age range and with learning difficulties ranging from moderate to profound. Malcolm has been a Headteacher of three schools and one federation. He is a National Leader of Education, a Member of the National SEND Forum, and Patron of the Centre Algarve holiday centre for people with special needs.

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