An image of a teacher and pupils wearing face coverings in a corridor

Webinar: Securing Success Following Lockdown - Behaviour Strategies

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  • 16 Jun 2020
WSS past event


This webinar explores how behaviour may present after Covid-19 and what strategies can be implemented to support pupils returning to school. The session will consider how pupils may present after the pandemic and how practitioners can support pupils whilst following social distancing guidelines.

The webinar will explore stress and separation, emotional and physical safety, keeping children regulated, language for connection and correction, and how to begin the repair process after lockdown.

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Luke Mitchell

Luke is currently the head of the behaviour support service for the Wellspring Academy Trust. Luke’s role involves strategic leadership of behaviour support within the 25 schools currently in the trust, implementing strategies to prevent challenging behaviour at a policy and practice level. Luke offers advice and guidance to the senior leaders within the trust and also models best practice for creating calm and purposeful environments through relational practice. Luke is also the lead consultant of the Positive Regard specialist behaviour support team. This team includes a number of practitioners that work in mainstream and specialist settings who advocate the use of relational practice on a daily basis. Luke has managed the care team at a SEMH and alternative provision for 12 years.