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Webinar: Supporting Successful Transitions from Primary to Secondary School

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  • 25 Jun 2021
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This webinar explores key strategies that support effective transitions from Year 6 to Year 7 for pupils with SEND. It focuses both on the role of the primary school and the Year 6 teacher as well as the role of the receiving secondary school, including teachers and pastoral leaders of Year 7. Examples of best practice and evidence-based approaches will be shared.

Session objectives: 

1)    Understand the specific challenges faced by pupils with SEND when transitioning from primary to secondary school and the implications for our practice as leaders and as teachers
2)    Understand the respective roles of primary schools and secondary schools in supporting successful transitions for pupils with SEND and the implications for partnership working as schools as well as with learners and their families
3)    Explore key tools and strategies that can support successful transitions for pupils with SEND, both to prepare them prior to the transition to secondary school and to support them in the first few days, weeks and months

Participants come away from the session with:

1)    A clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities as leaders and teachers to facilitate effective transition and an understanding of the importance of deliberate practice to support successful transition
2)    Concrete tools and strategies that they can implement both to inform their current and their future practice.

Suitable for: Inclusion Manager/Leader, SENCO, Senior Leader, Teacher

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