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Worcestershire County Council Employment Resource Pack

  • General
  • 08 Feb 2022

Developed in conjunction with local SEND schools, this comprehensive resource pack contains activities and supporting documents to inspire learners with SEND towards future employment.

This resource pack contains the following sections and resources:

1) Key Workers

  • Key Workers - Student Activity
  • Key Workers - Activity Overview

2) Research your future

  • Research your future - Student Activity
  • Research your future - Career Leader Guide

3) Challenging stereotypes

  • Challenging Stereotypes - Presentation
  • Challenging Stereotypes - Question Sheet
  • Challenging Stereotypes - Teacher Guide

4) Guess My Job

  • Guess My Job - Student Activity
  • Guess My Job - Career Leader/Staff Guidance

5) How to ask for work experience

  • How to ask for work experience - Student Activity
  • How to ask for work experience - Activity Overview

6) A-Z of Jobs

  • A-Z of Jobs - Student Activity
  • A-Z of Jobs - Activity Overview

7) Creating a CV

  • Creating a CV - Student Activity
  • Creating a CV - Career Leader Guide

8) TV documentary

  • TV documentary - Student Activity
  • TV documentary - Activity Overview

9) Interviewing an adult

  • Interviewing an adult - Student Activity
  • Interviewing an adult - Activity Overview

10) Famous People

  • Famous People - Student Activity
  • Famous People - Student Activity 2 (No icons)
  • Famous People - Activity Overview


More information about the resources can be found in the drop-down sections below. 

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Additional Resource Information

These careers related activities can be conducted during lessons, while working remotely or as part of homework activities.
Elements of the document will contain “Communication in Print” icons to support delivery and understanding.

The resource includes the student activity ad accompanying Career Leader guide.

This resource was developed by the Black Country Skills Factory and is an example of a key stage 3 lesson that could be used to support the challenging of stereotypes. All supporting resources needed to deliver the lesson are included to ensure effective delivery, with the exception of employers who are needed for one element.

Intended to help students to understand the industries, courses and pathway opportunities available 

The resource includes:

  • Student Activity
  • Careers Leader/Staff guidance notes for deliver


This activity should enable students with SEND to think about the job roles they would like to experience, who they need to contact to obtain a Work experience placement and to research and investigate the people and employers they should make contact with to request a work experience placement

Included in this resource is:

  • Ask for Works Experience Activity
  • Ask for Works Experience overview 

This activity is will provide students with the challenge to research and identify a different job role for each of the letters of the alphabet. Section two is a more detailed research-based activity, which where necessary, they may require additional support.

These activities can be conducted during lessons, while working remotely or as part of homework activities.
The design of the resource will allow for this activity to take place over an extended period of time and can be delivered in sections to suit the pace which meets the needs of the student.

This activity will allow students to improve their knowledge and understanding of the world of work. After watching a specific careers related documentary, students will work with a teacher to share their thoughts, feedback and any knowledge gained in a group discussion.

Resources include activities and all supporting documents and have been developed in partnership with SEND schools within their region. Once complete the page will contain links to 10 resources developed through the SEND community of practice Innovation Fund.

This activity will help students by:

1) Make your students aware that people they see as celebrities also have overcome the barriers caused by their own Learning Difficulties / Disabilities.

2) Understand that those with an additional need can still be successful.

3) Raise the aspirations and the career goals that students may have.

4) Encourage the students to discuss, research and ask questions to find the answers.

5) Explore different career choices that may not have been seen through using local LMI information.

The resource has been split into 3 sub activities; therefore, you can complete the activities across several lessons if required

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