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Whole School SEND in 2021

05 Feb 2021|14:24

I’ll start with the obvious – the SEND gateway has been fully updated! If you used the previous incarnation of the gateway, then hopefully the improvements will be obvious – we have aimed to streamline the content and the presentation as much as we can, as we know that it was sometimes difficult to navigate the website and find what you needed. We have also incorporated more images, to make using the website as accessible, easy and pleasant as possible. However, if you find anything which doesn’t work for you – let us know and we will do our best to resolve it - info@wholeschoolsend.com

You'll now need to sign in to access the resources - this is free and sign-up will also provide you with access to the nasen website; there is a single sign-in to both sites and you can move easily from one to the other. Make sure when you're selecting your communication preferences to tick the options for the WSS e-newsletter and to hear from your regional team, to keep up to date with all training and CPD events, resources etc as they come out. 

What can you find on the gateway now? 

  • All of Whole School SEND’s resources – including our suite of Review Guides, COVID-specific resources, condition-specific videos and more

  • Information about and links to your regional team – each team has its own page with profiles of the regional SEND leaders

  • Information about all of our free training and CPD on the events page – and you can book quickly and easily if you're already signed in!

  • The SEND Forums (SENCO Forum, SLD Forum, SEND&ICT Forum).

What else is new for 2021? 

We've been working hard over the last year to develop more DfE-funded resources to support you in your work with children and young people with SEND, and this term many of these resources come into fruition: 

  • The Classroom Teachers’ SEND Handbook – this is a highly significant and valuable resource, developed by a wide-ranging team of SEND professionals, including school-based colleagues. If you are a SENCO or other school leader, then you will want to make sure that you have it as part of your personal suite of resources and consider how you could use it most effectively to help drive the development of SEN provision across your school 

  • More CPD webinars – titles include ‘Inclusive curriculum through the Ofsted lens’, ‘Inclusive maths: bridging the gap between abstract and concrete’ and ‘Whole class reading – access for all’ and more  

  • Another of our popular ‘Ask, Listen, Do’ leaflets, co-produced with parents, on ‘SEN Support’ – ideal to make available for parents, particularly at those early stages in the identification of SEN when there is a lot of information to take in, to help with building those crucial positive relationships that benefit all of us 

  • A guide to support your understanding of and practice for pupils with DLD (Developmental Language Disorder) for both primary and secondary staff; you will also be able to sign up for further, more in-depth webinars on DLD from I CAN on our events page. As SLCN is the most often identified area of need, we all need to feel confident with this common type of SLCN 

  • A ‘Transitions’ resource pack, focusing on pupils in Y11 with SEND, about to undertake that crucial next step: there is an informative and practical guide and a range of supporting PowerPoints, full of lots of great ideas from DFN to help make what can be a challenging time more successful for all involved 

  • A ‘Deployment of Specialists’ resource pack, focusing on the commissioning and deployment of Speech and Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists – this includes a guide and a PowerPoint that you could use to support a request for this kind of provision and to understand how to use it most effectively 

  • A revision of our ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ Review Guide, to support all settings to ensure that this is a focus for children and young people with SEND from the earliest years 

I hope that you continue to use and enjoy what WSS offers, and that you find it useful and impactful – we always love to hear from you about any aspect of our work, so please get in touch at info@wholeschoolsend.com, especially if you have examples of the difference being part of WSS has made.