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Image of nasen and concero education logos [green text that reads 'nasen' and black and blue text that reads 'concero Education Technology']

nasen announces Concero Education Technology as new headline sponsor

Concero Education

nasen – the National Association for Special Educational Needs (SEND) – the leading charity that exists to support and champion those working with, and for, children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and learning differences, is delighted to announce its new headline sponsor – Concero Education.

Concero Educations’ deep-seated desire to drive meaningful impact through expert IT support and strategic development has ultimately led to their working with the charity in a new partnership agreement - which is just the beginning of an exciting and effective relationship.

By working together, nasen and Concero can empower inquisitive minds from early years to post-16 and beyond, including those who work with, and for, children and young people with SEND. Together, we provide children with new opportunities to explore beyond what they thought was possible and give them access to technology that best suits their development.

Chief Executive of nasen, Annamarie Hassall, MBE, says: “Announcing our partnership with Concero is a proud moment for us at nasen. Since I joined nasen as CEO, the Concero team have supported our purpose in striving to ensure an equitable education for all children and young people. At every step, Concero have been there – expanding our vision of what’s possible using IT.

Concero Education came alongside nasen when we consulted on the SEND and AP Improvement plan, and since then sponsor a category at our annual Awards for the sector, step forward to help us out at exhibitions and events, and much more. Talking about funding is what I like to do least of all, however it is essential that nasen, alongside other charities, generates the funding we require to do the best we can for children, young people and those who are working to support the best education possible.

I am immensely grateful to Concero for their sponsorship, and I am looking forward to seeing where our partnership takes us.”

The backing of Concero Education – which was born directly from the education sector and has over 25 years’ experience in delivering outstanding specialist technology services and solutions – means that nasen can continue to offer free resources and support for the education workforce, as well as targeted programmes that offer a structured programme of professional development, accredited training and conferences.

Hassall adds: “And as you’d expect from a company whose name means intertwined, the fact that we are already discussing ways to take our partnership to new heights in terms of co-delivery and inclusion should come as no surprise. I’m genuinely excited about the knowledge exchange that’s about to happen, and the projects we have already scoped together.”

Concero Founders, James Morris and Bradley Clegg say: “This partnership with nasen is the perfect expression of our commitment to leave a positive legacy for future generations across the nation. We’ve already taken huge steps forward with nasen to radically improve peoples’   ability to express themselves through transformative IT – a skill that empowers young and old, individuals and businesses - and we’re absolutely determined to continue this process hand in hand with one of the most effective charitable organisations in the UK.”

The Concero team put their best foot forward on the 24th March when they took on the Wolverhampton 10k run in support of nasen which was a great success, raising over £1265.